Kasai Angler

This angler version of our fast and stable Kasai sit-on-top kayak has all the features of its sibling as well as fishing-specific additions.

Two Rod Holders are positioned next to the hatches (8″ Day Hatch and 8″ Screw Hatch), behind the seat. Swing yourself around, with your legs hanging over the side, to access the hatches and to work with your rods.

Use the Deck Rails, which are positioned on either side of the seat, to customise your setup by attaching gadgets like cameras, GPS units and fish finders. An Anchor Trolley is also installed on the right side of the kayak. Use this to position your anchor to keep the boat in the perfect location and angle.

Stretch your legs without making landfall by standing up on our Stand-up Platform. While you’re up, use the advantage of your height-above-water to view your surroundings. The platform is also stable enough for just about anyone to stand and cast from.

The large rear tankwell has Crate-Holding Indents to hug a crate. Attach tie-downs, straps or bungee cords to the Multifits positioned around the tankwell to secure your gear and prevent it being washed overboard by a rogue wave.

The Kasai Angler can carry a lot of weight. If you want to load a lot of gear or intend to catch some big fish and take them home, this boat is the ticket. The boat has good speed too, so it is great for covering longer distances and for trawling too.

Length: 400 cm / 13’1″
Width: 75 cm / 29.5″
Height: 40 cm / 15.75″
Weight: 30 kg / 66 lb
Ideal paddler weight: 65-110 kg / 140-240 lb
Max. carrying capacity: 150 kg / 330 lb


Although children will love playing on the Kasai Angler, it is a substantial kayak that they will find to be heavy to move and manoeuvre. They will not experience the performance or responsiveness of this kayak purely because it will be too big for them. For fishing, children are better suited to the Tsomo Angler or Tarka Angler kayaks.


The Kasai’s large rear Tankwell is perfect for your dog – if you have not filled the tankwell with fishing gear. If you do take your dog out, line the tankwell with a foam mat to prevent their paws sliding so that they can sit upright to enjoy the scenery.


The Kasai Angler is a dream on flatwater. Its four-metre length gives it superb speed.


The Kasai Angler is great kayak for touring with decent speed, and lots of stability, comfort and storage space for multi-day trips.


Solid and stable, and with plenty of space, Kasai Angler is a great fishing kayak. Kasai Angler comes with two flush-mounted Rod Holders, Deck Rails (to customise the deck by attaching gear and accessories) and an Anchor Trolley.


On the ocean, the Kasai Angler performs superbly. Thigh Straps attached to the Clip Rings will keep you on the deck should a wave catch you by surprise and they allow for greater control. Use the Tankwell, 8″ Screw Hatches and 8″ Day Hatch to securely stow gear. From one-day to multi-day trips, the Kasai Angler is an excellent seaworthy kayak.


The Kasai Angler enjoys surfing smaller waves, but for real wave surfing, get our Dumbi kayak instead.


While river tripping is a pleasure on the Kasai Angler, keep to sections of river with smaller rapids. Use Thigh Straps attached to the Clip Rings for better control.


We don’t recommend paddling the Kasai Angler from a standing position but we do recommend standing up on the Stand-Up Platform to stretch your legs while you’re out on the water.

I designed the standard Tsomo, Tarka, Kasai and Marimba models with a bunch of features that are great for any paddler, but are also especially useful for kayaking anglers. These features include:

  • Great stability.
  • A large Tankwell in the stern to load lots of gear, complete with moulded-in indents to hold crates in position.
  • Lots of attachment points using our Multifit fittings for tying gear to the deck.
  • A Paddle Rest next to the seat to keep your paddle secure while you handle your fishing rods.
  • A little platform in front of the seat that you can stand on and cast from (if your balance allows it).

In addition to the great features listed above, I added the following features to convert these standard models into Angler models:

Two dedicated surfaces behind the seat, within reaching distance, where flush-mounted Rod Holders are installed. All these models also have Multifits installed close to the rod holders for securing your fishing rods.

Grooves on the deck, one on each side just in front of the seat, are where we install aluminium Deck Rails. We mould brass inserts into the grooves to attach the deck rails. These rails can be used for attaching a variety of useful off-the-shelf accessories like fish finders.

We also mould brass inserts into the hull, on the right side of the boat, to install an Anchor Trolley.

Since these four Angler models are very similar in terms of the features they offer, your decision of which one to buy will be determined by how fast you want to go, how much stuff you want to load and whether you would like to be able to stand up to cast or not.

This short summary will help you to decide.

The Tsomo Angler is perfect if you don’t need to paddle long distances and/or do not have storage space for a longer boat. Due to its smaller footprint, it doesn’t have the same carrying capacity as the longer boats. If you are a really big guy or want to load a lot of heavy stuff on the boat, rather go for one of the longer models. The size of the Tsomo Angler also makes it very suitable for children who want their own Angler sit-on-top kayak. The platform between the seat and footwell is stable enough for smaller paddlers to stand on to cast.

The Tarka Angler’s speed and weight carrying capacity makes it very suitable for paddling anglers who want to cover some distance, do some trawling and catch fish without loading a ton of stuff on the boat. It is also great for teenagers and smaller adults who don’t want to deal with a larger boat.

The Kasai Angler can carry a lot of weight. If you want to load a lot of gear or intend to catch some big fish and take them home, this boat is the ticket. The boat has good speed too, so it is great for covering longer distances and for trawling too. The platform between the seat and footwell is stable enough for just about anyone to stand on to cast.

The Marimba Angler is really about the speed. It has similar carrying capacity to the Kasai Angler, but it is faster. The platform is not as stable for standing as that of the Kasai Angler. If standing up is important to you, rather go for the Kasai. The Marimba Angler is a great trawling kayak. If trawling is your main priority, this is the boat for you. Also, if you want one boat that you can use for fishing as well as fitness training, choose the Marimba Angler.

Celliers Kruger, designer of Vagabond Kayaks

We have not uploaded specific videos for the Kasai Angler. Take a look at these videos of the standard Kasai.