Tarka Angler

We’ve added angling-specific features to the versatile Tarka so that you can enjoy speed and manoeuvrability in a customisable fishing kayak.

Deck Rails allow you to personalise the deck by attaching items like a fish finder, GPS, camera, selfie stick or additional rod holders on either side of the Sculpted Seat. Fixed to the rails, you don’t need to worry about these valuable items being washed overboard.

Two flush-mounted Rod Holders are located behind the seat, on either side of the 8″ Screw Hatch. These rod holders free up your hands when you need to paddle, de-hook a fish or take time-out from fishing to have a drink or to eat. Each rod holder has a Multifit positioned close by for securing your rods while paddling.

By attaching your anchor to the Anchor Trolley, you can spend all day in that prime fishing stop without drifting away on the current. Slide the anchor forward or backwards to get the boat at the perfect angle as determined by the sun, wind and currents.

Like the Tarka, this Tarka Angler has adjustable Footrests, a Paddle Rest, Bungee Cord straps to secure gear to the bow and a sizeable Tankwell with Crate-Holding Indents.

The Tarka Angler’s speed and weight carrying capacity makes it very suitable for paddling anglers who want to cover some distance, do some trawling and catch fish without loading a ton of stuff on the boat. It is also great for teenagers and smaller adults who don’t want to deal with a larger boat.

Length: 340 cm / 11’1″
Width: 72 cm / 28.5″
Height: 41 cm / 16″
Weight: 21 kg / 46 lb
Ideal paddler weight: 50-90 kg / 110-200 lb
Max. carrying capacity: 110 kg / 425 lb


While smaller children will find this kayak large to paddle and manoeuvre, it is perfect for older children and teens. Tiny tots will enjoy sitting in the spacious tankwell.


The Tankwell is a great spot for your dog – unless you’re using it for your fishing tackle.


On flatwater, the Tarka Angler is fast and agile. It offers both speed and comfort for a full day out on the water.


The Tarka is a great kayak for touring for smaller-sized paddlers. It has decent speed, good stability, comfort and storage space for multi-day trips.


The Tarka Angler comes with two Rod Holders, which are positioned on either side of the rear 8″ Screw Hatch. These free up your hands to paddle, handle fish or to eat lunch. Deck Rails to the front and sides of the Sculpted Seat. Use these to customise your deck by attaching additional rod holders and gadgets like a fish finder, GPS device and camera. Crate-Holding Indents in the tankwell hug a crate or coolerbox to prevent it shifting. Use tiedowns, straps or bungee cord around the Multifits to secure your gear. Stay in position by attaching your anchor to the Anchor Trolley.


The Tarka Angler performs on the sea in both speed, stability and manoeuvrability. Its broad hull offers superb stability on rough water.


Although the Tarka Angler will get you out through the breakers and back in to shore in style, it wasn’t designed to cutback or ride tubes.


Enjoy kayak fishing on rivers with small rapids and scenic flatwater sections. This kayak is not optimal for big water and large rapids. Use the 8″ Screw Hatches and Tankwell to secure gear for overnight trips.


Our Stand-up Platform is a winner. It makes it easier for you to get in and out of this kayak, but also so that you can stand, stretch your legs and enjoy a height-above-water view to check out your surroundings, while you’re out on the water. We wouldn’t recommend paddling your Tarka Angler from a standing position.

I designed the standard Tsomo, Tarka, Kasai and Marimba models with a bunch of features that are great for any paddler, but are also especially useful for kayaking anglers. These features include:

  • Great stability.
  • A large Tankwell in the stern to load lots of gear, complete with moulded-in indents to hold crates in position.
  • Lots of attachment points using our Multifit fittings for tying gear to the deck.
  • A Paddle Rest next to the seat to keep your paddle secure while you handle your fishing rods.
  • A little platform in front of the seat that you can stand on and cast from (if your balance allows it).

In addition to the great features listed above, I added the following features to convert these standard models into Angler models:

Two dedicated surfaces behind the seat, within reaching distance, where flush-mounted Rod Holders are installed. All these models also have Multifits installed close to the rod holders for securing your fishing rods.

Grooves on the deck, one on each side just in front of the seat, are where we install aluminium Deck Rails. We mould brass inserts into the grooves to attach the deck rails. These rails can be used for attaching a variety of useful off-the-shelf accessories like fish finders.

We also mould brass inserts into the hull, on the right side of the boat, to install an Anchor Trolley.

Since these four Angler models are very similar in terms of the features they offer, your decision of which one to buy will be determined by how fast you want to go, how much stuff you want to load and whether you would like to be able to stand up to cast or not.

This short summary will help you to decide.

The Tsomo Angler is perfect if you don’t need to paddle long distances and/or do not have storage space for a longer boat. Due to its smaller footprint, it doesn’t have the same carrying capacity as the longer boats. If you are a really big guy or want to load a lot of heavy stuff on the boat, rather go for one of the longer models. The size of the Tsomo Angler also makes it very suitable for children who want their own Angler sit-on-top kayak. The platform between the seat and footwell is stable enough for smaller paddlers to stand on to cast.

The Tarka Angler’s speed and weight carrying capacity makes it very suitable for paddling anglers who want to cover some distance, do some trawling and catch fish without loading a ton of stuff on the boat. It is also great for teenagers and smaller adults who don’t want to deal with a larger boat.

The Kasai Angler can carry a lot of weight. If you want to load a lot of gear or intend to catch some big fish and take them home, this boat is the ticket. The boat has good speed too, so it is great for covering longer distances and for trawling too. The platform between the seat and footwell is stable enough for just about anyone to stand on to cast.

The Marimba Angler is really about the speed. It has similar carrying capacity to the Kasai Angler, but it is faster. The platform is not as stable for standing as that of the Kasai Angler. If standing up is important to you, rather go for the Kasai. The Marimba Angler is a great trawling kayak. If trawling is your main priority, this is the boat for you. Also, if you want one boat that you can use for fishing as well as fitness training, choose the Marimba Angler.

Celliers Kruger, designer of Vagabond Kayaks

We have not uploaded video content specifically on the Tarka Angler. Take a look at the videos of the standard Tarka on the water.