There are two things a person needs from a hatch. One: that it doesn’t leak. Two: that you can open it.

To prevent leaks, we’ve placed the EPDM seal in the lid, not the base. We have also given the lid a ‘skirt’ that fits over the base so that water splashing on to the deck will run off, not into, the hatch. The thread of the lid is designed to easily screw into the base and to further ensure that the hatch is watertight.

On all our kayaks, the hatches are mounted on specially-designed surfaces that prevent water from pooling around the hatch covers, which helps even more to keep the hatches watertight.

If you’ve ever struggled to get a tight hatch open because you can’t get a good grip, you’ll love our custom-designed Vagabond hatch. We’ve included appropriately placed-and-sized deep indentations that hands – men’s hands and smaller-sized women’s hands – can get a good grip on to unscrew a lid tightened by The Hulk.

Despite all our efforts to make the hatches as watertight as possible, we recommend that you still put all items in drybags when making use of the hatches. Water has a nasty habit of finding a way through even the best seals, and sand or dirt trapped in the thread or on the seal of the hatch can cause water to seep into the boat.