An Anchor Trolley is fitted to all our Angler kayaks.

The purpose of the Anchor Trolley is firstly to provide a secure point for anchors to be attached. On kayaks, anchors should be light and relatively small. Common items used as anchors include a piece of a steel chain and a diving weight. Avoid anchors that can get stuck easily.

The second purpose of the Anchor Trolley is to allow you to orientate the anchor in a specific position relative to your kayak. By moving the anchor forwards or backwards with the trolley, you can use the wind or water current to change the angle of your boat.

We recommend that you use a carabiner to clip your anchor rope to the trolley ring. You want to be able to let go of the anchor quickly in an emergency situation or if you need to help your buddy get a fish off the hook.

Another cool trick is to attach a buoy of some sort (say an empty 2L cold drink bottle) to the anchor rope close to the above-mentioned carabiner. If you need to unclip your anchor for whatever reason, the carabiner will float and you can go back to it later and clip onto the anchor again.