While our single-seater kayaks come in an angling version, our double-seater Mazowe does not. In our Mazowe design, we went the route of performance, speed, comfort and packing space. That said, we do realise that there are people who would like to go fishing with a friend on the Mazowe.

Here are two ways to add rod holders and other fishing accessories to your Mazowe kayak.


Regular, 90-degree flush-mounted rod holders can be installed on the deck in the area of the rear paddler’s footrests.

Measure the diameter of the rod holder and cut out the same-sized hole in the deck (use a circle saw or even a utility knife. Put a generous amount of marine silicone under the flange of the rod holder and screw into the deck using use self-taper screws.


This Mazowe owner did an incredible job at turning his Mazowe into an awesome angling kayak. He used the tankwells and existing moulded-in inserts and Multifittings.

Let’s see how this was done.

  1. For the rear tankwell, perspex sheets were cut to size to fit across the tankwell. The ends were shaped to nest into the multifit groove.
  2. Holes were drilled holes into the perspex for the rod holders and a DIY rod holder made from a PVC pipe.
  3. Because of the length of the rod holders, they were positioned to go into the recess of the scupper holes.
  4. The multifits were removed and then screwed on again on top of the perspex to hold everything in place. To do this you need longer bolts than what we use for the multifits.
  5. Middle tankwell: The perspex is placed lengthways, not across the tankwell, which keeps some tankwell space free for other stuff.