While we aim to maintain the highest manufacturing standards with quality control checks along each step of the manufacturing process, we are aware that defects could occur.

Please activate your warranty within 15 days of purchase by completing our ‘Kayak Registration Form‘.

This warranty DOES cover…
Warranty is limited to all Vagabond kayaks that are sold new to the original purchaser and also subsequent owners within the warranty period. It covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship of the shell, fittings and outfitting components.

This warranty DOES NOT cover…
This limited warranty does not cover any issues that result from abuse, misuse, deterioration due to neglect, and ordinary wear-and-tear (abrasion, chipping, fading of colours). It also does not cover any products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorised persons, or structurally altered in any way. This warranty also does not cover warping or changes in appearance due to extended and over-exposure to heat and the sun. And, it does not cover kayaks damaged during transport.

Keep in mind that with over 140 years of kayaking between us, we have certainly dragged, dropped, bashed and used enough kayaks to know the amount of use-and-abuse that kayaks can take.

Warranty is valid for three (3) years from the original date-of-purchase from an authorised dealer. Under this warranty, Vagabond Kayaks, through the respective dealer, will repair or replace (as required) the shell and/or accessories based on the applicable warranty year.

  • In the first (1st) year from date-of-purchase, we will replace the defective shell free of charge.
  • In the second (2nd) year, we will replace the defective shell at 30% of the current retail price.
  • In the third (3rd) year, we will replace the defective shell at 50% of the current retail price.

Accessories and outfitting components are under warranty for one (1) year from date-of-purchase. These may be replaced free of charge or at a percentage of the current retail price depending on the issue.

What costs will you pay?
Note that you will be responsible for paying the relevant percentage of current retail price as well as shipping costs to and from our manufacturing facility or designated dealer, as applicable.

How do I submit a warranty claim?
Please complete the adjacent Warranty Claim Form (right-hand side of this page). Please reply to the confirmation email that you receive and attach an image of your original proof-of-purchase together with 2-3 photographs that clearly show your reason for submission. Photographs should be a wide shot of your kayak, a close-up of the problem area and, if relevant, a photo from inside the kayak.

Find your serial number
Go to the back of the boat. You’ll find the 12-digit serial number on the outside of the hull on the right-hand side, 30cm from the stern and just above the split line. The serial number consists of 12 alphanumeric digits and will look something like this:¬†123 456 789 123

What to do with your defective boat?
Should we replace your defective kayak, we will ask that you drill a minimum of 10 x 10mm (half inch) holes down the length of the hull to prevent this defective product being used and endangering the safety of any future paddlers. We will only ship your replacement kayak once this has been done and photographs have been sent to us as proof. We recommend using this decommissioned kayak in your garden as an unusual planter for flowers and vegetables.