Apr 11


There are times when you have to carry your kayak for more than a few metres – like from your vehicle to the put-in, a portage or through low-water sections. If you’ve ever carried a kayak (or heavy suitcase) and have had the handle cut into your hands, then you’ll appreciate the time we’ve spent designing this fitting.

The handle is injection moulded from glass-filled nylon, making it really tough yet easy on the hands.

The underside of the handle has been sculpted with a bulging curve that rests the weight of the kayak at the base of your fingers. Smooth and solid, the handle is wide to offer a comfortable grip and to distribute the weight so that it doesn’t cut into your fingers.

The top-side groove reduces weight and it looks super stylish too.

There are many handles on our kayaks to give you options when lifting and carrying. Carry it on your own using the handles on one side, get a friend to help you and carry using the front-and-back handles or recruit more people to carry a loaded kayak.

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