Jan 16

Kayak care and maintenance

Your kayak can handle bumps and bashes, scratches and abrasions, and it can withstand sun exposure. But, over the years, these things take their toll and no kayak is indestructible.

The material that we use to make your kayak is a UV-stabilised polyethylene. Strong and robust, it is made for the outdoors. Even so, your kayak does need some TLC (tender loving care).

Plastic kayaks do not need a lot of maintenance but they do need some care to keep them in perfect condition for years and years. Follow our recommendations for the care and maintenance of your Vagabond kayak.

  • Store your kayak out of the sun – under a roof or fabric cover.
  • Do not store it flat on its hull. Store it upright, standing vertically on its┬ástern or store it on its side on padded racks.
  • Store and transport your kayak with the drain plug loosened to accommodate the expansion and contraction of air inside the hull due to heat and cold. Our hatches seal very well and air needs somewhere to go. Loosen the drain plug whenever you are off the water and your kayak is standing in the sun, even if it is only for 20 minutes. Remember to tighten the drain plug again when you get on the water.
  • Regularly check the shell for damage.
  • Check the scupper venturis and tighten the screws to keep them tightly fitting.
  • Do not drag your kayak backwards along the ground as the scupper venturis could catch and be yanked out.
  • Check the screws, bolts and nuts on all fittings and tighten if necessary. You will need a 4mm Allen key for the bolts, and a 10mm spanner for the nuts.
  • Do not overstretch the bungee cords across the tankwell and deck.
  • Keep the footrest system (rails and sliders) clean and free of grit.
  • Occasionally, add some oil to the footrest slider pins to keep them sliding smoothly in and out. Turn the kayak on its side, drop some oil onto the pin and pull the pin in and out a couple of times for the oil to distribute itself.
  • Keep the threads of the hatches clean and rub Vaseline around the hatch seal to maintain waterproofing.

As you would care for a bicycle, check your kayak regularly and follow our care and maintenance tips to keep your kayak in perfect condition.

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