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When Nikos Kangelaris (Greece) received his Marimba, he made this super video of the unwrapping. We know our boats and yet we were absolutely captivated watching him discover the many features. We fell in love with our Marimba all over again. Enjoy this unwrapping and walkthrough.

In this video by Timo Lehtonen from Erakettu Oy / WildFoxTrade in Finland, he takes the Kasai and Marimba through their paces. Note how Timo uses paddle strokes to effectively steer and manoeuvre the kayaks and his demonstrations of stability. This was his first time on the water to paddle these boats as they had arrived in Finland only days earlier.

Of the kayaks he writes, “Light weight, fast and stable SOT kayaks from South-Africa. Made by Vagabond Kayaks, designed by Celliers Kruger. Excellent value for money and answer for those who think that most new fishing kayaks are too heavy, too wide, too slow and hard to paddle”.

The Kasai is the tri-colour one (with Angler fittings); the Marimba is khaki.

Ray Chaplin took his new Marimba out for a paddle on a very windy Zandvlei in Cape Town. Watch the onboard cam as he puts his back into this fitness paddling session.

We put a Marimba, Kasai, Tarka and Tsomo against each other. Of course, paddler ability has a big role to play too and the two paddlers on the left are stronger than the two on the right. Nonetheless, the Marimba stands as the fastest kayak in our range. The Kasai and Tarka are similar in performance and the sweet Tsomo, being short and wide, is the slowest.