Although Vagabond Kayaks literally started in a garage in 2018, this new kayak company comes with a pedigree. Before Vagabond, there were decades-long friendships, built on common passions, expeditions, trips and shared experiences. Vagabond brought together five friends and turned them into partners with the same motivations, ambitions and goals for their company.

The brains behind Vagabond is without doubt Celliers Kruger. With 16 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality, plastic, rotomoulded kayaks behind him, Celliers is the x-factor in our company.

In 2015, Celliers left his first kayak company, one that he started in 2002. Being under a restraint-of-trade for three years was challenging, but it did allow him a complete break from the business of kayaking; instead, he managed to get out more to kayak and to rejuvenate his passion for many paddling disciplines. He was always looking to do new and different and better with each design, which earned him recognition in the industry for his innovations.

Vagabond has given Celliers the opportunity to apply many years of experience into developing a distinctive range of kayaks – in one shot. Each of our products draws from his experience in the industry, his experience as a world-class kayaker and from hundreds of discussions with professional and recreational kayakers over the many years. At Vagabond, Celliers has been challenged to apply his innovative skills and creativity to develop the best kayaks of his career.

While Vagabond’s history is only now beginning, our company is built on a solid foundation; one that draws on Celliers’ extensive experience but also that of our partners and factory workers who deliver their best to make Vagabond an exceptional company with unparalleled products.