Our formidable team of Vagabonders has varied paddling backgrounds and experiences. They are passionate about paddling, the outdoors, their community and sharing their passions. Celliers Kruger heads up Vagabond’s R&D and production. He designs all of our boats, fittings and accessories and oversees production to ensure that every product manufactured is to the highest standard. James Simpson brings his business experience to the team. His rationality and attention to the business elements will see Vagabond grow over the coming years. Lisa de Speville has a varied background in media, PR and event organising. She is our connector. Lisa brings people together and shares the magic of Vagabond. Nicola Simpson’s extensive experience with tourism, teams and companies contributes marketing oomph to our team. She and Lisa work closely together. While not involved with the day-to-day business of Vagabond, Marius du Preez’s input is varied. From prototype testing to providing an alternative view, Marius adds a balanced perspective to our company.