Jun 01

Scupper Holes

Scupper holes have two functions: they drain the water that splashes onto the deck, and they give structural support to the boat.

On most of our rec sit-on-tops, the same sized scupper holes as those that are used to accommodate our Scupper Venturis. The models that require better drainage has more scupper holes.

On other sit-on-top models like the Usutu, the scupper holes have been enlarged to facilitate faster drainage when paddling through rapids.

The bottoms of the scupper holes, which tend to be high-wear areas, are located on top of grooves that run along the length of the boats. These grooves prevent impact and abrasion at the bottom of the scupper holes, while also assisting with tracking. The same grooves also house the Scupper Venturis.

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