Our kayaks are designed in such a way that the seats and footwells are above the water line, unless they are loaded close to the maximum carrying capacity, in which case a little bit of water may pool at the feet. Water that splashes onto the boat can just run straight through the scupper holes. For this reason, we did not put scupper plugs on our boats. Instead, we designed Scupper Venturis.

This venturi system works with forward motion to ‘suck’ water under the hull to drain the deck. This has two purposes. First, if you paddle through waves and a lot of water is dumped into the cockpit, the low pressure that is formed behind the venturi will suck water out faster than it would drain purely by gravity. And second, when you paddle forward with most sit-on-tops, even on flat water, water tends to splash through the scupper holes from the bottom, which can be quite unpleasant. Our Scupper Venturis prevent this ‘back-splash’. This results in a much smoother ride.

The Scupper Venturi consists of two parts, one top and one bottom, that are fixed together with a screw from the top. By tightening the screw, the two parts are wedged into the scupper hole. The advantage of this system is that no holes are drilled into the hull of the boat to install the venturis. If one breaks, it won’t damage your kayak in any way, and it is super easy to replace, if needed.