We have just received the first production footrests that Celliers Kruger designed for our new sit-on-tops. His aim with this footrest system was to create an easily adjustable, very robust system that is also lightweight and cool looking.

“These are the typical opposing priorities that a designer has to deal with, of course. From a technical point of view, I definitely succeeded with this design. From an aesthetic point of view, you be the judge,” he says.

The Footrest system is made up or two main components: extruded, anodised aluminium-alloy rails and the footrests themselves. A set of sliders, spring-loaded, stainless steel pins and Rail End Caps complete the system.

“These footrests have a fuller profile than most on the market, making them really comfy under your feet on long paddle sessions. The non-slip surfaces have the Vagabond “V” embedded, which I think looks pretty cool.”

This is a great system that will be used on all our sit-on-top kayaks.

“It was designed to be robust enough for our whitewater sit-on-top (the Usutu) too, so you can be sure that it will stand up to serious abuse,” he adds.

Read more of the technical details on this Footrests page.