Apr 09

Vagabond Rudder Kit Installation

If you already have a Vagabond Kayak – Tarka, Kasai or Marimba – and you would like to install a rudder, use this video as a guide to installing a rudder using our rudder kit.

Tools required include:

3mm hex/Allen key
4mm hex/Allen key
#8 spanner Drill
3mm drill bit (pilot holes)
5.5mm drill bit
Philips head drill bit
Marine silicone, clear

The kayak featured in the video for this installation is a Marimba. Installation for a Kasai or Tarka is similar. Within the video is a section that shows the line feeder positions – and options – for the Kasai and Tarka.

Installation of a rudder for a Mazowe double-seater kayak is similar but, as the foot pedals are usually installed for the rear paddler and there is no hatch at the back, a small 4″ inspection hatch is added. This will be covered in an additional video.

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