‘Blem’ is the short version of ‘blemish’. We use this to categorise kayak that are structurally sound but that have some kind of aesthetic blemish. In some cases, you may be hard-pressed to find the mark or scuff that we found during our quality control checks.

Type of blemishes include:

  • a dirty mark that we can’t wash off
  • a scuff mark that we can’t get off
  • a logo or graphic that doesn’t come out properly (faded, corner missing)
  • more-than-usual rough patches caused by porosity in the mould
  • uneven areas in the inner foamed plastic layer
  • a mark in the plastic during moulding (see photo)

This kayak was classified as a ‘blem’ becaue of this blemish in the plastic. It is otherwise a strong and structurally perfect kayak.

Blemishes have no impact on the performance or structural integrity of the kayak.

We use blems for our demo fleet and dealers use them as demo kayaks. Our friends and family are always happy to snap up blems. Although our blem rate is low, after a few months of moulding we do end up with a stash that we  pass on to dealers at a reduced rate Рand they sell the kayak to you at a discount.

If you’re looking for a good deal, please contact your nearest dealer and enquire about the available blems. Blems make for excellent, better-than-second-hand purchases.